The Mediterranean Lab for Co-production 

of Social Innovation

Join the co-creation movement for social impact in the Mediterranean.

Our mission is to bring people together in the Mediterranean region to co-create innovative solutions that promote social justice and a sustainable future. Join us in shaping a better Mediterranean future for all.

Med Policy Lab

 The Lab

Mediterranean Co-production Lab for Social Innovation (Mediterranean Co-production Lab)


A space where members can engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and share insights on topics related to the lab’s mission.


Themed channels where members can connect with others who share their interests, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.


An up-to-date calendar of events related to social policy, co-production, and social innovation in the Mediterranean region.


A collection of online courses and learning resources designed to enhance members’ skills and knowledge in social policy, co-production, and social innovation.


A repository for all the relevant documents related to the lab’s activities, including research papers, policy briefs and other resources useful for the lab’s members.


Purpose and objectives of the social policy lab

We believe that collaboration and innovation are essential for addressing complex social challenges in the Mediterranean, and we are committed to building a community that fosters knowledge sharing, experimentation, and learning. Our lab is focused on developing policies and initiatives that support social protection, human rights, and democratic governance in the Mediterranean, while also promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Innovating for a better Mediterranean: Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and social impact.

Building a community of changemakers for social justice and sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

Collaborating for social justice and innovation


Our community is made up of individuals and organizations committed to tackling social injustice and mitigating the impact of climate change through co-creating innovative policy solutions. We believe that by working together, we can create a more equitable and sustainable future for the Mediterranean region and beyond. Explore our website to discover how you can get involved and make a difference!

Collaborate for a better Mediterranean tomorrow


Innovation Credits

A system of tokens that incentivizes collaboration, innovation, and participation in the lab’s activities. Members can earn credits by contributing value to the community, and use them to access services or reward other members.

Tokens for impact: Join our collaborative community

Collaborate, earn, innovate: Our token system rewards you.

Bank of ideas

A bank of project ideas submitted by members, where they can seek funding from the community to support their initiatives. Members can use their innovation credits to donate or invest in projects they believe in, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation in the lab.

Sharing is innovating: Discover and replicate successful projects with our project bank.

Crowdfund innovation: Our project bank has the best social impact ideas.


Our wiki on coproduction of social policy and social innovation is a product of our collaborative community of practice. Join us to contribute, learn, and co-create knowledge on innovative social policies in the Mediterranean. The wiki is accessible to all members of the community, and should serve as aknowledge base for the co-creation of innovative policy solutions.