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[MedTOWN] Campolide Agroforest: a shortcut to resilience

The Bela Flor agroforest in Campolide brings together volunteers with the common pleasure of sharing and gardening. From seeds, plants or legumes to knowledge and celebrating moments these gardening enthusiasts are coming not only from Campolide but from all over the city. This yet small pilot project counts already with a dozen of dedicated volunteers and the strategic vision of a agroforestry specialties, and together with Junta de Freguesia de Campolide and MedTOWN project they are rooting new resilient habits and building a new story with the community.

Within a pandemic scenario, as the one we are living today with COVID19, Campolide agroforest represents an even more important resource to the neighbourhood, since it is a secure source of quality food and nutrients, just around the corner.

Although the usual volunteer gatherings at Thursdays are suspended, the community and some volunteers take turns to assure the minimum maintenance and share the vegetal and fruit production with neighbours and friends. Safe food with no cost and minimum associated risk of contamination are the most important values of the site at the moment.

At the medium and long term, the intention is to promote resilience through the shortage of chain food distribution, promote the literacy about healthy food and natural resources conservation, sharing knowledge and resources within neighbours, promote biodiversity, soil conservation and raise collective awareness for co-production and raise life quality.

It´s also an objective to inspire others in the co-creation process and support building of new regenerative and sharing spots in the city and through the world.

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