The Mediterranean Lab for Co-production 

of Social Innovation



MedRiSSE is a social policy lab that is part of the SSE and Co-production Community of Practice (WCoP) initiative, which involves policy-makers, SSE actors, researchers, and other stakeholders in the co-creation of policy solutions that reflect the needs and perspectives of diverse actors. The lab is supported by the ENI CBC Med program of the European Union, which provides funding for cross-border cooperation projects in the Mediterranean region.

MedRiSSE aims to create innovative policy solutions that tackle the complex challenges of social injustice and the impact of climate change in the Mediterranean region. Through stakeholder engagement and consultation, evidence-based research and analysis, and co-design and co-creation of policy solutions, MedRiSSE promotes more effective, equitable, and sustainable policy solutions in the region.

The lab serves as a hub for knowledge exchange and capacity building, fostering cross-disciplinary learning and collaboration, and facilitating the dissemination of best practices and lessons learned. MedRiSSE is committed to creating policies that are informed by the lived experiences and perspectives of those who are most affected, including marginalized communities such as refugees, women, and people with disabilities. By empowering these communities and ensuring their voices are heard in the policy-making process, MedRiSSE aims to contribute to the development of policies that are more inclusive and sustainable, and that promote social innovation in the region.