The Mediterranean Lab for Co-production 

of Social Innovation


Supporting and connecting rural women’s traditional  know how in the Mediterranean through the promotion  of fair trade products

Project in brief

Women’s participation in employment is low in Lebanon and in the Palestinian territories,  with women holding less than a quarter of total jobs. The conflict situations have further  deteriorated the opportunities of women for engaging in sustainable economic ventures,  especially in rural areas. Under the circumstances outlined above, cooperative and  micro-entrepreneurial activities in traditional sectors (agro-food, artisanal handicraft) can  contribute to poverty alleviation and to women’s economic and social empowerment. RUWOMED aims to improve income generating opportunities by setting up and  strengthening existing SMEs and women cooperatives to become efficient, viable and  sustainable economic entities and ensure a decent source of income for their households.

Specific objective

To develop and strengthen viable economic activities among Palestinian and Lebanese  women through a capacity building programme, input support and the promotion of products  locally and internationally.

Target groups

  • Marginalised Palestinian and Lebanese women
  • Rural women’s cooperatives

Expected results

  • 185 new and existing economic activities run by women strengthened through trainings  and input support in topics related to use of ICT, management, accounting, marketing,  packaging and design.
  • Quality of 75 tons of products manufactured by women entrepreneurs improved in line  with European standards.
  • Public exposure for women’s products increased to boost their access to local and  international markets.

Final beneficiaries

• Households
• Consumers


36 months
From November 2012
To December 2016


• Total budget: € 1.994.617
• Programme contribution: € 1.795.155 (90%)
• Project co-financing: € 199.462 (10%)


  1. Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (Palestinian Authority)
  2. Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action (Lebanon)


Assembly of Cooperation for Peace (Spain, Comunidad Valenciana)