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This Wiki is a knowledge commons for co-production and social innovation of public services and the promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy and social innovation in the Mediterranean. This tool is part of a larger endeavor: the creation of a Mediterranean Co-Production Lab.

It is managed collectively by the partners of the project MedRiSSE as an innovative open-source tool to maximize the impact, attract potential users, help gain understanding, activate involvement and spread the knowledge generated by 5 Mediterranean cooperation projects. It is part of the Digital Platform for the Mediterranean Co-production Laboratory.

The Mediterranean Co-Production Lab

The Co-Production lab will act as a meeting place to share ideas and best practices to encourage public sector innovation through collaboration with the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), and to promote cooperation to translate this knowledge into pilot interventions and projects in the Mediterranean countries.

Its vision is to help bring about, through the coproduction of innovative public policies, the political, socioeconomic, and cultural shifts that the Mediterranean basin countries require to achieve more sustainable, prosperous, equitable, and democratic communities.

Therefore, the Lab’s online presence should serve as a space for meeting, exchanging, researching, and co-creating:

  • Meeting point between relevant actors of the territories that adhere, public administrations, academic research field, and entities of the social and solidarity economy sector so that they can build a network that enables cooperation and collaboration.
  • Exchange of best practices, opinions, and related knowledge to resolve queries; improve individual and common initiatives; and serve as a training space for agents interested in social innovation, public policies, and the SSE.
  • Research on SSE, social innovation, decent work, and related subjects to serve as a support and documented basis for advocacy and awareness-raising in Mediterranean societies.
  • Co-creating demonstrative actions that showcase public sector-led innovations that contribute effectively to the necessary social transformation of Mediterranean countries based on the coproduction of social policies with the involvement of citizens or service users and SSE in the design as well as the delivery of public services.

Digital Platform for the Mediterranean Co-production Laboratory

The lab’s digital platform serves primarily to encourage the interaction of an existing community of practice. The participants belong to a diversity of countries and require tools to streamline workflows and processes. Among them:

  • A discussion forum to connect community members and help them share knowledge
  • A free and open knowledge database built under Wikimedia technology,
  • A capacity building and training platform, a reliable source of information for the public on the topics of coproduction and public sector innovation
  • A system to crowdsource and crowdfund Public Policy Innovation, as well as to enable the Lab’s future pro-bono assistance to innovative actions through the issuance of a system of blockchain tokens.

Capacity building and training platform

The online platform of the Lab will have important sections: a News board, an online community of practice, an e-learning section, a digital marketplace to facilitate the exchange of innovation credits, a wiki, a crowdfunding section, and a profile section that will encourage the connection and strengthening of professional relationships and partnerships.

Wiki: a free and open knowledge database

This Wiki is a free and open knowledge database built under MediaWiki technology.

The Wiki is an online learning repository that will be available for innovators, researchers, and policymakers to improve their skills in co-production. The initial setup will include a content structure and some basic content. However, it can only be a place of actual learning and sharing if it's a living document. This means that we need several active contributors who can feed the knowledge bank, ask others for information and help others find what they need on the Wiki.

Wiki Resources

Wiki user handbook

Wiki Handbook

This document has been created for the MedRiSSE Community of Practice, aiming to facilitate your navigation, involvement and contributions within the MedRiSSE Wiki, which main purpose is to share knowledge and experiences developed by the 5 projects funded by the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI). This wiki can be a tool for the partners to share experiences and knowledge of other projects or initiatives around the topics present in its structure.

You can download the Wiki User Handbook PDF below:

File:MedRiSSE Wiki user handbook.pdf

Wiki Training Sessions video recordings

Wiki workshop recordings

In October 2022, we delivered several training sessions regarding the use of this Wiki, including practical information to create and organise content.

You can view the training session recordings here:


Wiki Editing Tips

Here are some details on the most common questions about how to edit Wiki pages.

How to upload a file and Insert a file link

To insert a file link:

  1. Upload your file in Tools -> Upload File
  2. Copy the file name that appears on the screen
  3. To insert the link on your page, type: "File:Name_of_your_file.jpg" between the double brackets: [[]]

Please check the Wiki handbook page 30-35 in order to find complete instructions on how to upload a file.

Watch a demo on Uploading files from the session recordings (Dropbox link here:

- WATCH A DEMO: Wiki Workshop session 5, from timestamp 01:02:24 to 01:11:10 and from 01:17:03 to 01:01:18:10

How to insert a video link

Please check the Wiki handbook page 30-35 in order to find complete instructions on how to upload a file and insert video links. Below are a few examples - feel free to copy this code!

When a file has been uploaded directly to the Wiki (with File Upload)

How to embed a YouTube video link

Watch a demo on Uploading files from the session recordings (Dropbox link here:

- WATCH A DEMO: Wiki Workshop Session 2, from timestamp 00:39:30 to 00:46:20

Inserting a video link:

- WATCH A DEMO: Wiki Workshop Session 3, from timestamp 00:27:00 to 00:28:40

Examples embedded videos - feel free to copy this code!

Aligned to the left, aligned to the center and aligned to the right:

Page Categories

You always need to include some page categories for the type of Project, Country, Topics, and Resource, if applicable.
In the following document you will find the full list of categories available, just copy/paste the ones you need for your page:

File:Wiki categories list v3.docx


Content to be confirmed

TEST File Links TEST Testing area

IMPORTANT: Please note that the file thumbnail option is currently NOT working in WikiMedia software. When a file link does not work, it is displayed in red, as you can see below.
Feel free to use this space to test your code and copy the file link code that best works for you.

We currently have two test files uploaded: Test_file_for_Wiki.docx and Ploicy_Brief_1_MoreThanAJob.pdf.
Following the guidelines from https://cop.acpp.com/wiki/Special:Upload we are trying to display a thumbnail with text:

File:Ploicy Brief 1 MoreThanAJob.pdf
File:Ploicy Brief 1 MoreThanAJob.pdf

File:Ploicy Brief 1 MoreThanAJob.pdf.png
123 123 123 Testing display 123

File:Test file for Wiki.png
ABC ABC ABC Testing display ABC

File:Ploicy Brief 1 MoreThanAJob.pdf
File:Test file for Wiki.docx

Image link test with different sizes:


Testing internal page links "https://cop.acpp.com/wiki/Policy_Dialogues"
Testing code with square brackets: https://cop.acpp.com/wiki/Policy_Dialogues

Please visit our Policy Dialogues page for more information

Aquí hay unos ejemplos de enlaces internos donde las square brackets funcionan: http://wiki.ecolise.eu/index.php?title=Main_Page