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What are the MedRiSSE policy briefs

The partnership of the MedRiSSE has developed five national policy briefs, focused on social innovation to promote a positive influence on policy makers. These policy briefs are designed to strengthen policy and regulatory frameworks at the national level and enhance the capabilities within the national ecosystems to implement coordinated social innovation policies and actions.

They serve as valuable resources for policymakers and other stakeholders in Italy, Jordan, Palestine, Spain, and Tunisia. These policy briefs are likely to outline specific strategies, good practices, and actionable policy recommendations to advance social innovation and its positive impact on various aspects of society. The intention is to strengthen the national capacity for implementing social innovation policies and actions effectively.

With Oxfam Italia support, each partner of the MedRiSSE project identified the thematic, co-designed the contents and approved its national policy brief.


This policy brief provides recommendations and strategies for utilizing blended finance mechanisms in Italy and MENA Region to improve access to financial resources for various sectors and projects. Blended finance typically involves combining public and private sector funds to address financing gaps and achieve social, economic, and environmental objectives. It has been developed and approved by Oxfam Italia.

The Italy policy brief is accessible here:File:Italy Policy Brief Final.pdf


This policy provides recommendations and strategies for transitioning to a green economy in Jordan. A green economy is one that aims to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities while promoting economic growth, social equity, and improved quality of life. It has been developed and approved by JOHUD.

The Jordan policy brief is accessible here:File:Jordan Policy Brief Final.pdf


This policy brief likely contains recommendations and insights focuses on strategies and recommendations for promoting women's economic empowerment and the development of cooperatives in the context of Palestine. It has been developed and approved by PARC.

The Palestine policy brief is accessible here:File:Palestine Policy Brief Final.pdf


This policy brief provides recommendations and strategies for regulating and managing complementary currencies in Spain. Complementary currencies are digital or block chain-based currencies used for various purposes, including as a medium of exchange or store of value. It has been developed and approved by ACPP.

The Spain policy brief is accessible here:File:Spain Policy Brief Final.pdf


Thsi policy brief provides recommendations and strategies for enhancing collaboration between public and private entities in the field of social economy education in Tunisia. Social economy refers to economic activities that prioritize social and environmental objectives alongside financial goals. It has been developed and approved by TCSE.

The Tunisia policy brief is accessible here: File:Tunisia Policy Brief Final.pdf


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