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Co- production of public policies in the neighborhood 01

Unknown Member 22 November 2022

What role can we play in our entities and organizations to strengthen access to the institution? How can we develop a relevant role in the development of specific public policies in those matters or areas that interest us?

There are various tools and processes for the co-production of public policies between the administration and other economic and social actors. If we want our vision and commitment to social transformation to take steps forward and serve for a better and more effective satisfaction of our needs and that of the rest of the neighbourhood, we cannot fail to build a co-production and advocacy strategy.

On these issues we descend in this last session.

We have selected highly relevant documentation that guides us on how to design a public advocacy program or planning. Here we leave you the links and the development scheme:

Guide No. 1. What is an incidence plan.
Why plan.

Guide No. 2. The process of creating public policies.
Analyze the context for effective advocacy planning:

Guide No 3. Where we are and how far we can go.
Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges:

Guide No. 4. What we want.
Define advocacy objectives.

Guide No 5. With whom to work.
Define actors and alliances.

Guide No 6. How to generate the desired impact.
Define the proposal.

Guide No 7. How to carry out the proposal.
Define strategies and actions.

Guide No 8. How to communicate.
Define the strategy and key messages.

Guide No. 9. Who, how much and when.
Define resources and schedule.

Guide No 10. What we learned.
Approach to monitoring and evaluation of incidence.

CAONGD Political Advocacy Plan 2020 – 2023 :