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Communication for political advocacy 06

Unknown Member 22 November 2022

It is impossible not to communicate. Whether we like it or not, we are always communicating, even by omission and absence, informally and indirectly,… we are communication! It is important, therefore, to become aware of our communicative acts in order to direct them consciously and strategically to achieve our objectives.

If we want to have an impact on our environment and that our actions and proposals have an echo, we have to be able to transmit it with a head and spread it because it is well known that “we cannot be alone, but with friends we can”. This reminds us of the importance of communication in collective processes and achieving communication as choral as possible.

For this, it is very useful to have some basic notions about communication as well as to know the main tools and channels to get our message across in an attractive and effective way. This is therefore the objective of this section, to approach some tools and notions that allow us a more conscious and strategic management of our communication.