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Economy and Values 05

Unknown Member 22 November 2022

Beyond the very definition of economy, we intuit that behind it there are other hidden components that are clearly perceptible. We are talking about the maximization of benefits at the expense of many for the enrichment of a few (usually men).

We can identify some of the pillars on which our economy is based:

Economic growth > Provides us Well- being

Sustainable Development > Provides us Tranquility

Competition > On a criterion of Justice

Rationality > On which our Freedom rests

Scarcity > It is the basis for the creation of Value

However, the economy that we urgently need has a very different base with values ​​that are opposed to those that are commonly accepted in a general way:

Voluntary Simplicity Vs Economic Growth

Local Empowerment Vs Sustainable Development

Cooperation Vs Competition

Affectivity Vs Rationality

Abundance Vs Scarcity

On this basis and values ​​we must guide our action and our projects. This is the guarantee of human, fair and sustainable development for us, our neighborhood and our ecosystem.