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Examples and inspiration 06

Unknown Member 22 November 2022

Below we propose a series of companies and entities that carry out an economic activity in various fields or sectors, but that have also managed to find their place beyond the economic component, betting on visions that lead us to the collective, cooperative, inclusive, collaborative , innovative, etc.

We will leave you with them for a while, as we are sure that they will serve as a model and inspiration for you.

La fagueda (La Garrotxa) – Yoghurts and desserts.

Casa de Carlota (Seville and Barcelona) – Graphic and creative design.

OptiCoop (Seville) – Optics.

Seryes (Madrid) – Ethical insurance brokerage.

Almanatura (Arroyomolinos de León, Huelva) – Rural Development.

La Ortiga (Seville) – Food.

La Osa (Madrid) – Food.

HolaLuz (Barcelona) – Energy.

Oriens (Seville) – Education.

Távora Open Theater (Seville) – Company and Theater Hall.

La Borda (Barcelona) – Housing.

Entrepatios (Madrid) – Housing.