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Interested parties and the keys agents 07

Unknown Member 22 November 2022

Interested parties are any individual, group or organization that is part of or is affected by the project or service, obtaining some benefit or contributing to its realization.

It is very important to clarify these issues to make sense of the relationship with all the parties involved in a specific project or service, both to be able to reflect and explain the relationships and to be able to guide and execute the work that is done with each one of them.

key agents. (Source: )


To make the stakeholder map we must first identify all the interested parties before prioritizing them. To do this, we must identify groups of interested parties according to their nature and typology. These groups of interested parties include profiles, positions, entities, specific organizations.


Once the interested parties have been identified and categorized, we must prioritize them. It is useful to do this by defining variables. It is recommended that there be at least two:

  • Impact: for the achievement of the final object of the project and its purpose.
  • Sustainability: as the ability to make the project a reality, not only economically, but also technically, financially, temporarily, etc.

To prioritize, it is very important to involve different people from the organization with different profiles and visions. To do this, we can create a group and have each person prioritize individually (from 1 to 5, 1 being nothing and 5 a lot) so as not to condition.

Stakeholders relationship

After the identification and prioritization, we proceed to define what the groups contribute and receive, the benefits and contributions. We recommend doing the work in a group, with several people from the entity in brainstorming mode. It is useful to use a standard template such as the following.

Power/influence matrix (Source: )

Design the mechanisms and methodologies

Finally, we must identify and design how the relationship with each of the interested parties is or will be, identifying, on the one hand, the way in which their needs, expectations and satisfaction will be known, and, on the other hand, what the work will be like. with them during the execution of the project or service.