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Our neighborhood, Our project 05

Unknown Member 22 November 2022

In this theme we descend from the general context developed to our closest context, our neighborhood and its limits. To do this, we will take into account the economic and social model and how it affects our neighborhood, we will observe from the perspective of planetary limits the impact or the role that our neighborhood and the people who are part of it can play, and finally on the basis We will try to bring our needs to our field of relationships and how they manifest in our projects.

To do this, we are going to carry out an analysis of the key factors that affect the neighborhood and how they are included in our project. We will use a tool called “PESTEL Analysis” and on which we will refine how the general and particular context of our neighborhood affects the project. We will also see what risks and opportunities we have to take into account for the implementation of our proposals.

The second part of the theme is related to the agents, people, collectives, groups that are somehow important to our project. Identifying them, prioritizing them based on their impact, what our relationship with them should be and through what mechanisms or methodologies, will allow us to develop a Map of Interested Parties for our project that will be very useful when we develop the proposal and its impact.