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Unknown Member 22 November 2022

In this first topic we will make an approximation by the main features of the current economic and social model to understand in greater depth the global context in which our projects are developed. Because the hegemonic economic system entails a series of values, proposals and practices that largely determine the outcome of the experiences it houses.

To do this, we will begin by explaining the mechanisms and impacts of the current model, from a double social and environmental perspective, going through realities such as the Anthropocene, loss of biodiversity, climate change, precariousness, exclusion or global justice.

After this overview, we will land on two key issues that will help us understand this system in all its dimensions. First, we will address planetary boundaries, paying special attention to the ecological footprint of our production and consumption system and its impact on the planet and ecosystems. Secondly, we will reflect on human needs, the various theoretical approaches of these and their relationship with ecological limits.