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Pestel Analysis 11

soporte 22 November 2022

We suggest that you analyze the environment in the following matrix, and, to help you carry out the work, ask yourself the questions proposed for each element.

  • Political Factors: What are the social policies for the group you work with and how does this affect the project? What is the position of the current government on your project? Are political changes provided that will affect the project? What is the position of the different Public Administrations regarding the project?
  • Economic Factors: What are the current budgets and how do you estimate they will be in the future? How will the economy develop in the short, medium and long term? What will access to resources be like?
  • Social Factors: What will be the new needs of the group with which you work on the project? Will there be changes in life habits, gender roles, beliefs, both of the group with which you work and of the population where the project is carried out? Project?
  • Technological Factors: Are there opportunities for technological development in the project? Are the people and the organization prepared for technological development?
  • Ecological Factors: Is there an environmental awareness around the project? How does climate change and environmental legislation affect the project?
  • Legal Factors: What is the legislation that regulates the actions developed in the project, and how does it affect us in its development?

The next step is to identify the risks and opportunities. To do a good job, you must balance risks and opportunities, therefore each factor analyzed must have the same number of risks as opportunities. This can be a complex job, but it is very important, since it will later allow you to design an action plan with a creative and transformative look to address risks and take advantage of opportunities. Avoiding focusing the work solely on opportunities or risks, achieving a balance in the project approach.

Dumps the analysis performed on the array.