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Successful companies 04

soporte 22 November 2022



What do we understand by success for a company or entity? If there is something that is clear enough, it is that measuring the success of an entity and organization by profit or economic gain falls short and far from other aspects that could well deserve more attention.
What factors should we take into account to assess the success, sustainability and impact of an entity or organization? There are various elements that, depending on the context, need to be taken into account, as has been stated in the previous topics: decision-making models, relationship with the environment, ecological footprint, work relationships and climate, remuneration levels, etc.

In this block of contents we are going to descend on 3 interesting proposals of organizational development models: Triple Balance Model, B-Corp Model and TEAL – Evolutionary organizations.

These new models invite us to take an example and inspiration for the development of our own proposals for social transformation, at the same time that they will help us to build our own project through the Social Canvas.