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soporte 22 November 2022

On Transformative Economies (1.1)

What are transformative economies?
Web of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies:
Brief introduction of the Solidarity Economy: https:// Various
information on Solidarity Economy:
Ecological Economy: /99-economia.pdf
Feminist Economics:

About Practical alternatives for responsible consumption (1.2)

Introduction to responsible consumption:, web of alternatives for responsible consumption:
Opcions, conscious consumption magazine:
Carro de Combate, independent journalism on consumption:
Mercado Social, state production and consumption network with ethical, democratic, ecological and solidarity criteria: https: //
Conscious, responsible or sustainable consumption:

About money and complementary currencies

Positive Money:
Living without employment (Julio Gisbert):
Youtube PossitiveMoney (UK):

Wikipedia “Local Currency”:
Alternative currency, the other side of the currency: Article the http: //www.eldiario.en/andalucia/Alternative-currencies -faces-social-economy_0_117588776.html
TV documents “Exchange currencies”: https ://www.rtve.en/alacarta/videos/tv-documents/tv-documents-exchange-currencies/2063367/


Bernard Lietaer: “The future of money”
Margrit Kennedy: “Money without inflation and interest rates”
Bernard Lietaer & Margrit Kennedy: “Regional currencies”
Manfred Max-Neef: “The barefoot economy”