The Mediterranean Lab for Co-production 

of Social Innovation

Subgrant Application Form

    1. Project

    2. Data of the requesting entity

    3. Data from collaborating entities


    4. Subgrant

    4.1. Summary of subgrant(s)

    4.2. Description of the subgrant

    • Explain the objectives to be achieved in order to achieve the purpose of the grant.

    • Explain the purpose of the project, referring to the possible impact it may have on the target population.

    • Define and describe the target groups and final beneficiaries, their needs and limitations, and indicate the collaborations, if any, in the development of the project.

    • Briefly describe the type of activities proposed.

    • Indicate the work methodology.

    4.3. Project relevance

    • Describe the relevance of the project referring to the need for its execution.

    • Please indicate any other relevant elements.

    4.4. Schedule and action plan

    Download the file, fill in the fields following the below instructions and attach it again. DOWNLOAD

    • Indicate what actions are going to be carried out to achieve the objectives of the project and the execution time.

    5. Mandatory documentation to provide