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What are the Replicability Roadmaps

The 5 Roadmaps provide readers useful information to learn about the analysed good practices of SSE, social innovation and public-private co-production approach, as well as practical guidance to replicate them in other contexts and territories.

A total of 5 Roadmaps, one for each good practice identified from MedTOWN, MoreThanAJob, MedUP!, IESS! and RUWOMED projects, were elaborated by ARCO – Action Research for CO-development, under the MedRiSSE project.

Each Roadmap was built upon the results of the replicability assessment based on the evaluation framework elaborated by ARCO following a thorough literature review on replication and scalability methods on social innovations. The framework is grounded on a conceptual and interpretative framework based on the Sustainable Human Development paradigm and Capability Approach perspective (Sen; 1985,1999) which frames the Social and Solidarity Economy with a territorial ecosystem perspective. The assessments were primarily based on the desk review of project documents and materials, as well as information and insights collected during the semi-structured interviews carried out with key informants of the good practices. You can access the Replicability Toolkit for more information on the methodology used by ARCO researchers to elaborate the Roadmaps.

IESS! Roadmap - Setting up a Social and Solidarity multi-service territorial support centre: CitESS model

The Roadmap was elaborated within the framework of the ENI CBC Med MedRiSSE project and it analyses the pilot experience of the CitESS pole established in the Tunisian Governorate of Mahdia under the EU funded IESS! project (2014-2018). CitESS proves to be a positive model to foster an enabling, supporting, and synergistic territorial ecosystem for the development of the local Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the promotion of public-private collaboration for the benefit of the community. The aim of the CitESS is to create a common and collaborative territorial platform which pools together and catalysises the available public, private and civil society actors, resources and initiatives to offer integrated and comprehensive support to entrepreneurs and SSE actors.

The Roadmap is accessible here: File:Roadmap CitESS MedRiSSE.pdf

MedTOWN Roadmap - Piloting socially innovative public welfare programmes: MedTOWN local digital complementary currency

The Roadmap was elaborated within the framework of the ENI CBC Med MedRiSSE project (Replicable Innovations of SSE in the provision of services and creation of decent jobs in the post covid-19 crisis recovery) and it analyses the experience of a local complementary currency initiative in Cerro Amate District (Seville, Spain) which was piloted within the European funded MedTOWN project (“Co-producing social policies with SSE actors to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion”; 2019-2023) implemented in Spain, Greece, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, and Portugal.

The elaborated local and digital complementary currency model proves to be a significant socially innovative practice to deliver and improve local public services (municipal cash assistance programmes for low-income citizens, in this case) through a public-private co-production approach. The experience remarkably marked a sound and disruptive innovation of traditional public welfare schemes, as well as traditional monetary and financial systems. Moreover, it was the first public-led local currency relying on electronic money under Spanish and EU legal frameworks.

The Roadmap is accessible here: File:Roadmap MedTOWN MedRiSSE.pdf

MedUP! Roadmap - Multi-actor and multi-level collaboration for Social Enterprise impact growth: Pair to Grow - Coach to Grow capacity building strategy

This Roadmap was elaborated within the framework of the ENI CBC Med MedRiSSE project and it analyses the pilot experience of the Pair to Grow - Coach to Grow capacity building strategy designed and coordinated by Impact Hub Network and Oxfam Italy, and implemented under the EU funded MedUp! projectin six MENA countries, namely Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Palestine.

Through a triangulated support system including targeted Social Enterprises (SE), their “paired” Social Enterprise Support Organisation (SESO) and third-party Coaches, the capacity-building strategy proves to be a good Social and Solidarity Economy practice when it comes to supporting SEs’ business growth and scale-up through multi-actor and multi- level collaboration and partnerships.

The Roadmap is accessible here: File:Roadmap Pair-To-Grow MedRiSSE 200123.pdf

MoreThanAJob Roadmap - Incentive schemes for public-private co-production of SSE support services: MoreThanAJob subgrant mechanism

The Roadmap was elaborated within the framework of the ENI CBC Med MedRiSSE project and it analyses the experience of the subgrant system which was designed and implemented within the EU-funded MoreThanAJob project (2019-2023) in Spain, Palestine, Italy, Jordan, and Tunisia.

The MoreThanAJob subgrant mechanism' proves to be a good practice when it comes to materialising a way to bring Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) actors and public institutions to work together for the provision of support services for unemployed people. In practice, the subgrant provides funding to cooperation projects carried out by SSE actors together with Public Administrations to improve support services for vulnerable groups, such as the uneducated and newly arrived migrants and refugees, therefore increasing their opportunities for social and labour inclusion.

The Roadmap is accessible here: File:Roadmap MoreThanAJob MedRiSSE.pdf

RUWOMED Roadmap - Consume Palestine Strategy: public-private collaboration for comprehensive support to rural value chains and women empowerment

The Roadmap was elaborated within the framework of the ENI CBC Med MedRiSSE project and it analyses the pilot experience of the Consume Palestine strategy which has been put in practice since 2012 in Gaza and the West Bank mainly under four key cooperation projects, starting from the ENPI CBC Med RUWOMED project (2012- 2016). The Consume Palestine strategy can be considered a positive model of Social and Solidarity Economy practice. The latter provides an integrated (drawing from public and private support and resources) and comprehensive (intervening on both supply and demand side) support to boost rural value chains, acting through the social and economic empowerment of vulnerable social groups (in the specific case of this experience, targeted vulnerable women). As a core element, the strategy drew from continuous and close collaboration both with the public sector, as well as with other key multi-sector actors such as private actors, universities and civil society organisations.

The Roadmap is accessible here: File:Roadmap ConsumePalestine MedRiSSE.pdf

About ARCO

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ARCO – Action Research for CO-Development is a University centre founded in 2008 at PIN s.c.r.l., Prato (Italy). It offers research, qualified consulting, and training services in social economy, local development, inclusive development, M&E and impact evaluation and circular innovation and sustainable commodities.

ARCO relies on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team and operates both at national and international level.

ARCO also supports the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence, the first Italian centre accredited by the Yunus Centre in Dhaka (Bangladesh), founded by the Noble Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus.

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