The Mediterranean Lab for Co-production 

of Social Innovation

Demonstrative Action and Pilot Projects

Demonstrative Action and Pilot Projects

Demostrative action (ES)

Promotion of the use a local complementary currency to co-produce the delivery of social aid by community social services in the Tres Barrios-Amate district of the city of Seville through the development of technological & social models previously tested in different places.

Demostrative action (GR)

Co-production and cooperation between employment services, social services, SSE actors, private and public services to implement a local action plan to support people excluded from the labour market in Paggaio.

Demostrative action (JOR)

Co-production of social business opportunities for people at risk of exclusion, providing training, coaching & empowerment for women, refugees & people with disabilities (PWD) at the Social Business incubator at Al Koura.

Demostrative action (PAL)

Promotion of an innovative collaborative circular economy system for waste separation, reuse, & marketing involving the community, local organisations, & Beitillu village council, including the development of a digital system to facilitate waste management and quantification into incentives or rewards at the village council to encourage participation and sustainability.

Demostrative action (PT)

In the Bela Flor neighbourhood, Campolide district in Lisbon, co-production of the Junta de Freguesia & local entities for the management of communal gardens & the recovery of degraded green plots, collaborating with the community and promoting active individual and collective participation through the use of time banks.

Demostrative action (TN)

Use of a public space for the creation of the Female Force Studio cluster, to empower women entrepreneurs & women cooperatives through an intensive acceleration programme, in the Medina of Tunis.

Pilot Projects

Pilot Project (ES1)

Reduce the digital divide among the population by providing training to the residents of these districts on administrative procedures in their daily lives & making them self-sufficient in dealing with public administrations.

Pilot Project (ES2)

Introduce to high school students from Huelva’s highly unemployed District V how social entrepreneurship and social solidarity economy can contribute to the creation of decent jobs & the development of local economy.

Pilot Project (JOR1)

Plantation of thyme by the cooperative producers and extraction of its oil for sale, providing capacity building, income generating skills and a sustainable source of income for the local community.

Pilot Project (JOR2)

Establishment of hair wigs and extensions sewing workshop to capacitate non-working women to have income generating opportunities at Kraima in Irbid governorate, with a contribution to the Al Hussein Cancer Center, thus supporting both economic empowerment and social welfare.

Pilot Project (JOR3)

Training focused on local youth on marketing concepts, tools and networking, thereby enhancing their skills and connecting them with startup companies.

Pilot Project (PAL1)

Empower women & youth economically, enhance their role and provide job & investment opportunities for them by recycling clothes & manufacturing new high-quality products with a modern vision, while preserving the environment & reducing environmental pollution.

Pilot Project (PAL2)

Rejuvenating olive farming, promoting environmental sustainability, empowering local farmers & uplifting the local community, all while pioneering innovative waste management solutions.

Pilot Project (PAL3)

Protecting bees, the environment & the livelihoods of local families while imparting valuable lessons in sustainability. By shifting the paradigm towards eco-friendly agriculture & responsible beekeeping, the village is on the path to creating a harmonious future for its people and the natural world that sustains them.

Pilot Project (PT)

A social collaborative pilot project to boost neighbourhood's citizens, bringing together several activities, stemming from MedTOWN seed. Ideated by the community itself & promoted by the consortium.

Pilot Project (TN)

Create an innovation hub to provide valuable assistance to entrepreneurs by providing tailored support, facilitating administrative & financing procedures, and offering access to a network of partners, building on already existing services.