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07. How to Develop a Local Ecosystem of SSE Based on CITESS Methodology

Rubén · 13 February 2023

One of the main challenges facing our societies is how to create jobs while enhancing sustainable and inclusive local development for millions of people. The SSE has proven to be a very useful model for creating quality employment while generating positive social and environmental impacts. However, in many territories the SSE network is a diverse and dispersed world that requires strategies that allow it to increase its reach. In this respect, the CitESS methodology constitutes a very useful model of social innovation to promote the creation and strengthening of networks in the local SSE ecosystem.

In this course, we will analyse the benefits of developing a local SSE ecosystem and how the learnings from the CitESS methodology can contribute to designing effective strategies for this purpose. We will also present a practical implementation method of the CitESS methodology, as well as key contextual determinants to consider, potential risks and strategies to face these risks.

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