The Mediterranean Lab for Co-production 

of Social Innovation

Self-assessment questions to start

To begin with, we can use the following questions as a starting point for our assessment before we start planning our strategy to develop a local SSE ecosystem:

  1. Are there SSE actors and initiatives in your territory?
  2. Are there available public and/or private SSE support services and opportunities in your territory?
  3. Are SSE actors and public and private support organisations in your territory dispersed or well interconnected?
  4. Are SSE actors in your territory aware of the available support opportunities? Do they know where to turn to when needing support for the ideation, start-up, development, scaling-up and sustainability of their enterprises?
  5. Do potential investors, national or international funders, public or private institutions and organisations wishing to support SSE in your territory know whom or where to turn to in order to reach out to SSE actors?